Tetragon Project | Oracles

"...The Tetragon Project is innovative, experiential, and represents truly 21st century avant-garde musical exploration. The unique compositional approach and state of the art 3D audio immersion has created a musical language that is far beyond conventional forms and structures".

Tetragon huelle 453x275mm druck

Technicians at KUG University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria):
Martin Mayer: FOH Sound Engineer, 
Felix Deufel: SpatialSound Wave Operator, Michi Werner: ProTools Operator, Vincent Ederle: LAWO Operator, Johann Steinecker, Anton Kaufmann: Video Operators

Recorded & produced by Stefan Zaradic, Co-Producer: Wolfgang Opitz
Immersive Audio Producer: Stefan Zaradic & Stefan Bock for IAN Productions © 2021
Executive Producer: Stefan Zaradic in coop with MSM Studios MunichMixing: Stefan Zaradic at MSM Studios Munich
Mastering: David Merkl, Stefan Bock at MSM Studios Munich
Pure Audio Authoring: Michael T. Hoffmann
Pure Audio Producer: Stefan Bock
Financial Coordinator: Diana Mayer Blaimschein

Graphic Design: Brigitte Günther:
Cover Photo: Tanja Martina Federl:
Photos: Alexander Wenzel, Tetragon Team
Live Video Edit: Michael Hartl & Oliver Jauch
Film Art: Heather Rose Burnett feat. Quinnie (p) 2021

TETRAGON PROJECT "Oracles" | 3 min. Film and Music Snipet | Film Art by Heather Rose Burnett

Thanks to:

Alois Sontacchi, Franz Zotter & IEM Team, Wolfgang Guse, Hans Freunberger, Rebecca Kromar, Martin Kromer, Uta Kienemann-Zaradic, Michael Hartl, Oliver Jauch, Markus Dietze, Tanja Martina Federl, Melanie Bong, Albert Sason, Quinnie


Happy Tetragon family after wonderful concert in Graz :-)

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